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About Us

About SR Solutions

We are a Veteran Owned and Operated firm headquartered in TEXAS with over 40 years combined experience in all areas of service offered. Services we provide are: Specialized Security Protection (operational strategic high risk and domestic), Complex Investigations, Litigation Support, Fire Protection & Prevention, Government Contracting, and Specialized Medical Support services to a multitude of clients abroad. Founded and operated by specialty skilled military and public service veterans, S.R. Solutions believes in being at the leading forefront in providing the best specialized services in our industry, therefore maintaining a strong knowledge, professional excellence, and exceptional performance in every area of service we provide.

Our Values

* Results to our clients

* Core Value Standard

Providing our clients with what they want and need with performance and profession above expectations.

Business of Choice

Deliver responsive and effective service solutions.

Maintain Professionalism

Exhibit exceptional, ethical behavior, professionalism, and overall integrity.

Our Personnel

Providing the resources and necessary tools for our personnel to grow professionally, technically, and objectively to complete every critical task.

Proudly serving Texas and the US Government communities, we commit to deliver responsive, high profile, professional, and effective services and solutions. We proactively understand the needed requirements of every task and objective, therefore ensuring that our clients are getting effective and efficient results to achieve the mission and exceed expectations.